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About the company

BAUMINAS Ambiental offers intelligent and specialized technical solutions that provide greater efficiency and economy in water and effluent treatment operations, with total regard for the environment.

The company was conceived and started its activities relying on technical training of professionals with solid experience within the BAUMINAS Group. Besides that, it has strategic partnerships with specialized sanitation companies that are a reference of quality in the segment.

Through deep knowledge and expertise in sanitation, BAUMINAS Ambiental is totally apt to develop projects using the BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) model for water and waste treatment stations, assuming initial investments, integral operation management and environmental risk management.

In this business model, the client does not have high initial investments of own resources to install and modernize its operation, resulting in better planning of its cash flow. Thus, it can concentrate its efforts on other activities in its business, guaranteeing a more efficient and safer management of a high-quality final product. A long-term contract is usually signed, and at the end of its tenure, the asset is integrally transferred to the client.

BAUMINAS Ambiental operates projects for new facilities or already structured operations that present opportunities for modernization and technical improvement, in the public as well as the private sectors. It also offers specialized technical solutions according to the particular need of each client.