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Grupo BAUMINAS | History
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Water: the first source
of sustainability

Raw material or feedstock of practically every human activity, water is one of the most precious natural resources that we have. Respect and care with this treasure is the starting point for any sustainability project. This is the focus of work and investments of the BAUMINAS Group: to offer chemicals and increasingly efficient solutions for the treatment of water and effluent, with utmost respect for the human being and the environment.

Our origin

The first company in the BAUMINAS Group, Indústrias Químicas Cataguases, was founded in 1961, in Cataguases – MG, being a product of business vision, entrepreneurship and technical skill of its mastermind, Simão José Silva.

With its main activity being, initially, the manufacturing of chemicals utilized in the treatment of industrial water, the company rapidly expanded its operations to the sanitation, effluent and pool water treatment segments.

Strategic Vision

One of the main competitive advantages of Indústrias Químicas Cataguases, that enabled its financial solidity and fast expansion, was the strategic vision of investing on one of the largest Bauxite reserves on the South and Southeast regions. Though the development of advanced washing and processing techniques, it transformed this ore into high quality raw material for the production of Aluminum salts and other ore of distinct specifications.

Regional expansion

At the same time it expanded its markets, it also expanded its regional presence through the opening of plants in various locations in the nation, widening its distribution methods and becoming one of the main references in structure and quality present in the segment.

Consolidation of leadership

With a bold and growth-focused professional management, Indústrias Químicas Cataguases cemented its national leadership on coagulants for water and effluent treatment through the acquisition of two other companies that had always been a strong reference in the segment: Pluriquímica, with a presence in the North and Northeast regions, and Indústrias Químicas Cubatão, which operates in the Southeast region.


With its new caliber and being 100% national, relying on the biggest structure and plant capacity of all the companies in the segment, it was renamed the BAUMINAS Group, widening and spreading the operation of its companies in the chemical industry, as well as specialized technical solutions for water and effluent treatment.


In constant evolution, the BAUMINAS Group has the vision that the solid and ever-growing returns obtained in the last years are the fruit of investments made according to its strategic planning of sustainable growth.

After the incorporation of Indústrias Químicas Cubatão to the BAUMINAS Group, it then began to conduct works improving its plants, for the modernization of its equipment and infrastructure. The new plant laboratory in Suzano is an example of the BAUMINAS Group’s search for excellence in the quality of its products.

In 2012, Cimil became part of the BAUMINAS Group, strengthening distribution in strategic regions. In late 2013, the BAUMINAS Group invested in the acquisition of Kemira’s inorganic coagulants division in Brazil, allowing great synergy on its product portfolio and strengthening its participation on the paper and cellulose market.

New investments are being made in the search of continuous improvement of BAUMINAS’s structure and processes, such as plant projects in strategic locations, new information management systems, research and development of new products.

These investments aim to further fortify the BAUMINAS Group, thus allowing it to have a fundamental role in attending an increasingly demanding market, contributing for the improvement of the Brazilian population’s access to quality, treated water.