About the company

With 60 years of history, BAUMINAS Águas is the national leader in coagulants for treatment of water and wastewater. It has 11 production units strategically located and 3 administrative offices, serving major sanitation companies and industrial processes in Brazil in the public and private sectors.

BAUMINAS Águas, through a partnership with BAUMINAS Mineração, has a vertical production of high-quality raw materials. In addition, it has the highest production capacity among companies in the sector in the country, providing security of supply for its customers and being able to meet emergency market demands.

BAUMINAS Águas stands out for its technology and constant launch of innovative products that are the result of investments in research and development. Because of this, it has a portfolio of established products, having the most complete line of coagulants on the market.

BAUMINAS Águas Products Line