Corporate Governance

Grupo BAUMINAS has a corporate governance model that adopts the best management practices, combining family ownership control with an executive base in conducting business. This model is based on a set of principles and guidelines that guide the organizational structure, providing a long-term strategic vision and great expeditiousness in decision making.

Compliance Program

In order to disseminate the fundamental value of ethics, the policies of the Compliance Program are accessible to all employees, as well as the direct communication channel (internal ombudsman’s office) for clarifying doubts and reporting practices not recommended by the guidelines.

The Compliance Program comprises the following policies:

The BAUMINAS Group encourages the Compliance Program to be applied throughout its value chain, sharing it with its stakeholders in order to reinforce respect for people, diversity and the environment.

The actual application of the Compliance Program contributes to maintaining the image of the BAUMINAS Group as a solid and reliable entity, ensuring its reputation and credibility with society in general.