Grupo BAUMINAS has a strong environmental commitment, which is a pillar of its management model and an integral part of long-term strategic planning. Social and environmental responsibility is rooted in organizational culture and is seen as a key factor for success in business.

Social Responsibility

The BAUMINAS Group is aware of its role in society and its economic and social responsibility.

Fundação BAUMINAS supports various entities and promotes actions, events and activities to encourage education, ethics, social inclusion of people with special needs, professional qualification, sports, culture and the arts.

Environmental Responsibility

Grupo BAUMINAS is a partner of the environment and its management, based on transparency and ethics, has a strong commitment to environmental issues and the sustainability of the planet.

The concern with environmental sustainability is present in all stages of the production process and also in the relationship with employees, partners, customers and society.

Grupo BAUMINAS sees environmental sustainability as a key factor for the success of its companies, today and in the future, placing the theme as one of the pillars of its management model and actively participating in entities, events and programs for this purpose.

Social and Environmental Sustainability Report (PDF)